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Bungee Jumping in Pokhara | Nepal | Day 5 or 10

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Nur noch -3 freie Plätze!

Nepal's first bungee is unique. Jump from a bridge and plunge yourself 160 m towards the Bhote Kosi River, just to be withdrawn just before you touch the water.

Adrenaline junkies come to Nepal to experience this breathtaking and heartbreaking thrills when they plunge from a suspension bridge over a river gorge. If you have the courage, this is the ultimate thrill that only a few other activities can offer, and something that will be remembered forever.

You can experience the thrill of a bungee jump either in The Last Resort on Arniko Highway or in the fascinating city of Pokhara. The bungee jump in Last Resort was developed by one of the leading Bungee consultants of New Zealand and is carried out by some of the most experienced diving masters in the industry. The jump takes place by a 166 m wide steel hiding bridge, which connects two sides of a deep valley above the raging Bhote Koshi River. The place offers a spectacular backdrop with dense forests that cover the upper part of the cliff.

Can take place on day 5 or day 10(Availability strongly limited and dependent on the weather!)

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